How to playback

The goal of Immersive Field Recording is not only to provide recordings and material, but to also educate and explain the basics of Spatial Audio, and how to process and manipulate these complex audio streams.

Basic playback
There are two ways to playback the Ambisonics audio files provided by Immersive Field Recording. To simply play the audio files for headphones, only the latest version of VLC can be used, as it included an Ambisonics decoder. Download VLC here, and make sure to change the settings as shown on the GIF below.
Note that only B-Format files can be played with VLC, no A-Format!

Advanced workflow

A FREE and more advanced workflow, where you can manipulate the Ambisonics soundfields, and also decode it to various playback systems from mono to stereo, 5.1, 7.1.4, will be available soon on the IFR’s Patreon page. Stay tuned!

If there is any problem, or you think that this guide can be improved in any way, please drop an email to, it would be much appreciated!

Happy listening!